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693. “The Al A. Gore-ee Story” (a lament)

Basswood, black walnut, butternut, hard maple, birch, misc. attire and salvaged items, 46”h x 42”l x 28”w, 2015 

Gore 1

This represents a bit of a tangent committed to in 2011, in the form of a Legacy Amendment Arts Grant, with the idea of exploring hypocrisy in politics.  Believing that, on principle, one ought first lampoon like-minded partisans, this was intended as a lament of Gore’s torpedoing own message (which I wish folks would take seriously), contradicting it with his lifestyle and jaunts.
Employment of the wrong finish and wax on the innards has temporarily gummed up some of the works.   Once amended, his Jaw will again opens and close, the tongue flick, and finger wag as he waves his book “Talk the Talk, Avoid the Walk,” as planes circle and lights go on and off in castle tower. The mirror is set to allow viewing himself as the Lone Ranger.   

Gore 3 Gore 2
Updated June 15, 2016