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Butternut 30”h x 34”w x 7” deep - 2013

His real nickname is Homer. A former shipbuilder and circus wagon carver, and the mellowest fellow you’ll ever meet. If’n he dwelt in Cauliflowerornia instead of Cheeseland, they’d likely worship Hum.

At age 11, his older siblings and cousins opted to play the game they called, “get Homer.” Hum was looking back to monitor their gains as he went tearing around a corner, and turned forward again just in time to smash his face into the steel rim on the bed of a flatbed truck. All part of the mix of forging such a fine fellow.

“Mum” is a fictional composite of four ladies, owing to the threats of the chief body model to visit me with irreparable harm if I availed myself of her previously offered fine visage and physique. Originally included purely for the pleasure of rhyme, “Mum’s” narrative developed with chance opportunities for blatant symbolism (reinforcing hasty viewer suppositions), and subtler contrary symbols then included to dispute them. In truth, Homer is the one to do the cooking and table-setting himself, and puts his guests at an ease approaching his own.

Updated June 15, 2016