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“After Thought”
Butternut, 58”h x 8”w x 5”deep, 2012

an Abester Lincolnson representation, in relief.  In Aug of 2012 i was asked to be a featured artist at the Fine Arts Exhibition at the MN State Fair, a.k.a., “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.”Assessment of the entertainment needs lead to construction of a new work station and a quick outline from the mind’s eye of Abe on a half log left from a previous project.  It would not have seen completion had a TV crew from fargo not wanted to visit my studio and tape me at work on a piece in progress.  The severity of the discolorations accompanying its numerous defects required the heaviest staining ever thus far applied to a piece.

Abe 1 Abe 5 Abe 3
Abe 6 Abe 4 Abe 2
Abe 7 Abe 8
Updated June 15, 2016