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“Bad Poetry; E-Motions Wreck-Collected In Tranquility”
(...apologies to Wordsworth)
a.k.a.,“Wood Lyle Love It?”
Butternut, ca.18”h x 6” x 6”, 2011
Lyle 2

This work commenced about 6 years earlier, inspired by a small news photo of Lyle Lovett.  Original intent was to have a loose impressionistic likeness, but the piece and intentions were set aside when that photo was misplaced.  With resumption came the goal of making the portrait as accurate as possible given the insufficient wood remaining.

The mask was intended to be that of his ex, Julia Roberts.  Unfortunately, in returning to the piece i neglected to check the base for signs of interior defect, and forgot that a column of punk extended upwards for some distance, and it sadly made its appearance where her left eye should have gone, resulting in considerable compromise.

The other feller was just someone rough to look like one of his natcheral-born kindred spirits.

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Updated June 15, 2016