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“Famished Fritz ‘Fingers’ Feldmann Felicitously Forks Fine Funeral Fare Following Friday’s Fond Farewell For Philandering Philanthropist Phillip  Fladaboe’s Fabulously Flaming Femme Fatale, Phyllis Floren.”), (a.k.a.,“What Don’t Kill Ya...”)

Butternut, 14”h x 16.25”w x 5”deep, 2011

Sometimes humor is no more than finding pleasure in the laughing smile of an old fellow enjoying his post-funeral lunch.  The hope had been to finish this piece in time for a carving competition; and, as my confidence in the intelligence of the jurists has been rather compromised, it seemed wisest to give it a title which would hint that the fellow’s hand had been mutilated by fate rather than the fellow doing his portrait.  Folks also seem to desire explanation of what he’s eating,—couldn’t come up with a hotdish having a suitable name. Fritz 2
Fritz 1 Fritz 3
Updated June 15, 2016