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# 639, “Price of Distraction ( the Seminar of Harley R....)

Wormy Butternut, 20”h x 8.5” x 8.5”, plus base, 2009

There once was a log, —just a branch, really, but too nice to burn, even after some larval activity started to show in the sapwood. A large head was roughed out with the bandsaw, elimating most all the little varmints. The log wasn’t large enough to accommodate a second bust from the lower portion, while Scandinavian Lutheran proclivities dictated that it not go to waste, and one thing followed another... Proportions dictated a seated figure with hands in his lap; nuance favored a turn to the head; a kubbestol seemed a convenient seat and invited other nordic flavors; and the “rubbernecking” begged for adverse consequences. The result was an homage to friend Harley Refsal and the seminar experience, with the whittler “executing” (literally) a small flat-plane type figure. Unfortunately, i am not a flat-plane carver, and the combination of fiber direction and the need for precise correlation of details made this a risky project for experimentation, and the subject’s project is not rendered true to that style.

The figure was “nuked” upon completion to provide a transformational experience for any remaining critters.

priceofdistraction Price of Distraction priceofdistraction
priceofdistraction priceofdistraction priceofdistraction priceofdistraction
Updated June 15, 2016