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Norsk Rullestol (“Norwegian Wheelchair,”),
(a.k.a., “COWCO # 1 —Cogelow Original Wagon Co. #1” )

Butternut/Wormy Butternut, plus Black walnut, Bur Oak Burl, 
34”h x 28”w x 40” long,  2004, artist’s collection.
...cutting edge technology to assure the utmost in luxurious accommodation fer yer Norwegian wheels...

Most butternut trees are dying off due to wind-borne fungus.  For such reason, i never harvest healthy butternuts, not wishing to do in a potentially resistant specimen.  Kept my eye on a fine large tree near Grove city for many years before its decline allowed me a guilt-free harvest.  Much to my dismay, the bottom ten feet of the trunk was hollow.

A section was saved for a kubbestol (Norwegian log chair), and the back of this chair was initially cast aside, then retrieved.  With the subsequent realization that it would make a fine back for a captain’s chair, and the desire to use some of my  COWCO (Cogelow Original Wagon Company) wheels, the result was a foregone conclusion.  

Incorporates my traditional Chinese-influenced corruption of a viking ship’s dragon with tributes to prime acanthus carvers Hans Sandom (inside of back rest) and Phil Odden (horse dragons biting ears of my wolf dragons on back).  

Exceptional pride is taken in the EPA-approved emissions control unit, which, with its exit orifice smaller than the intake, has the capability of providing modest jet propulsion under ideal circumstances.  As to the double-headed lead dragon, the upper head sports a tongue-bead while the lower swallows a bird.  The wings protruding from the sides of the mouth serve as footrests.  Note also that the dragon is mammalian, not reptilian.

Rullestol 2 Rullestol 3
Updated June 15, 2016