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#439: “Don’t Look Like Much of a Horse, 
(...Ya, And You Ain’t No Cowpoke Neither...)”  

Butternut, 35.25”h x 27.5’w x 12.5” deep, 1997

This was my memorial to my late brother Dan, who departed Christmas of ’93, who actuallly, it is said, was a pretty good cowboy, tho he had little right to be.  Was a heck of a time getting the horse to model correctly until her owner stuck a cob of corn in model Klint’s back pocket.  ...roughed in haste and repented at leisure.  couldn’t stand to leave all the back untouched, so added some references to my horse loving father and myself.   Also carved an unsaddled horse ascending inside a cave on its way to “the other side.”

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Updated June 15, 2016